The Relationship Destroyers TV Show:

Part 1:

Part 2:


The Relationship Destroyers live every Wednesday talking about relationships on

THE FEMALE SOLUTION (hosted by Naimah Latif)

Wednesdays 7am EST / 6am CST.


Upcoming Air Dates and Times:    (1Love 1House TV)

More scheduling to come in September 2013.  Stay tuned……

CANTV (channel 19) is part of cable for the Chicagoland Area. Please review your guide for the channel designated by your cable provider.   The show will air again on:  July 22nd, Monday, 9PM,  July 23rd Tuesday, 4PM.

Thanks to all the folk who came and supported the panel and me.  You all look wonderful on camera!  I always say our people are beautiful.  Stay beautiful!

Love well!!


The Relationship Destroyers will be airing on 1Love 1House TV Show on Channel 19 local Chicago:  July 15th Monday 9PM,      July 16th Tuesday, 4pm,     July 22nd Monday 9PM, July 23rd Tuesday, 4PM.



April wrote: “Natalie Haywood of Relationship Destroyers will have her episode airing on 1Love 1House TV Show the following dates on Channel 19 local Chicago: July 15th Monday 9pm, July 16th Tuesday 4pm , July 22nd Monday 9pm and then July 23rd Tuesday 4pm. YaaaaaaaY!! Then again in September……….. LETS TALK IT OUT BABY!!”


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