Do You Know?

Nat About

We know the statistics about marriage. It is common knowledge. Since 2010, 63% of all marriages end in divorce. Are we able to determine whether we will be a divorce statistic during the course of the relationship? Obviously not. Who decides to say the words, “I do” only to get “done”?

Despite the numerous books, websites, talking sessions, magazine articles, and technology with the ability to email, text, call, and leave voice messages, we are failing miserably in our relationships.  Why?

Relationships need a strategy for success.  No success has ever been attained without a strategy.  Relationships are no different.  In order to understand success, one must understand failure.  In relationships it is important to identify and understand the destroyers.  That is why I am here.  This is what I do.  My mission is to reveal the destroyers, explain how they destroy, the layers in which they work to destroy, and create the formula to reverse, or prevent the destruction.

This approach will work two fold. Not only will we discuss the destroyers, but by process of elimination, the success for your relationship becomes clear.  No relationship works the same and no relationship works from the same angles.  There is a strategy for each relationship, but there is not one strategy that works for every relationship.

All relationships do share the same common denominator— “Relationship Destroyers”. All emotional destroyers work the same in every relationship.

Please beware! I write without a chaser. With only a 37% chance of succeeding in a marriage there is no time for light hearted shallow conversation.

I will keep it real with you. I look forward to you doing the same!


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  1. Pink Kittee says:

    Hey Natalie!

    I have been reading and I like it! Hope to share with you soon. XOXOXO

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