Mad at Him? Sex Him Anyway!

Mad Sex Anyway2Sexing after an argument or disagreement is a great way to overcome inhibitions, because you are ultimately working from a slight edge of anger.  Anger is totally healthy when you use it for positive results!

Let your anger be the driver to do the edgy sex stuff you have always wanted to do.

Sexing your man after an argument can happen only when you’ve learned to separate the issue from sex.  Rather than making him the core of your feelings, separate him from your feelings!  Sometimes look at your man as just a man.  Look at him as just a man in your bed.   Woman + Man + Bed = Sex

When you argue with a strategy, your emotions are secondary and logic is primary.  So, sexing your man becomes completely separate from the issue.

It is my strategy to retort back during an argument, and I do so calmly and in a-matter-of-fact tone, saying something I know will emotionally gut punch him, in order to create balance in the argument.  I would not do it normally, as we both have the knowledge and ability to hurt each other, but I use it as strategy in this case.  He then becomes angry.  So, this balances our position of feeling— together.  I work very hard not to relegate myself to being an emotional victim. 

When he and I are at a point, where the argument gets too hot, we table it, because it prevents the extra emotions we do not need. It is bad enough we have our vulnerability at stake.  

When I think about it, we are in disagreement, because we love each other.  My cool passion in the argument, his laid back strong style, and our ability to control it from being out of control, takes teamwork.  I love him for being able to do it, and I enjoy my power as woman to be able to table it.

There is a sexual place between the argument and the tabling of the issue. 

I take a shower, put on a revealing tight top, some nice lace shorts: and then I make a cocktail, or pour some red wine, depending on what I am in the mood for, and give him some of what I am drinking.

We are in the bed.  He has a movie on, but is reading a book— our night time past time.  I’m slightly interested in the movie, but I am feeling the tension as sexual.  He’s not doing that to me, it is me, enjoying the tension.  I pick up the book I’ve been reading, only for a minute, but I put it down.  I am sexually distracted.

I get out of bed, and bend over, on my side of the bed with my back to him, trying to find my flip-flops while giving him full view of my thigh gap.  I go to the kitchen.  Come back and get in the bed, crossing over him, on his side, and I kiss him on the cheek.  He lets me.  I kiss him again, while lying next to him, on his cheek down to the edge of his lips, and he does not resist me.  I am getting wet for him.  He continues to read.

Unable to help myself, I open my legs and slightly touch myself.  He cannot help but to look at what I am doing.

I lean over and kiss him again. Then I whisper in his ear, “Are you angry baby?  It’s cool if you are.”  I’m lightly kissing his ear. “Let’s work it out, without talking, you and me.”  His maleness is becoming hard.  This is all I need.

I straddle him, taking his book, and begin reading a paragraph from the page, out loud.  I say something in the text that is relative to our moment at hand, and turn the TV off allowing the night candle to glow.  I lean over and lightly kiss him on the lips.  His rising is what I feel between my straddled legs.  Ooh, I love when it does that.

I start to slowly grind with our clothes on as I grab my breasts through my top.  I lean over and kiss him again, but this time, I kiss him like I’m a little hungry.

My moves are smooth, but tentative, as I do not want to push him too fast. I want him to be a little angry still, just enough where he wants to resist, but is not able to.  This makes him my sex victim.  I am kissing him, gently sucking his tongue, brushing his lips, licking and sucking his nipples, as my hands drive deep into his arm muscles and chest where I know he is tense from working out.  This gives him pain and pleasure at the same time.

I sit him up to face me with my legs around his waist, allowing him to hold me tight as I work my fingers in his back.  We are deeply kissing and breathing as one.  My lips are on his shoulder so I kiss, lick and bite up and down on his neck.  The sexual energy is rising and my breathing is heavy as I rub him harder all over and I can’t stop kissing him.  He lets out a deep and throaty, “Baby”.  I move him on his back and take my top off.  Then I grab the headboard on the bed, right over his face, with my breasts brushing his lips.  I allow him to have a little taste.

I get between his legs, devouring him from head to toe, while taking my time to explore. He is so hard!  I work his inner thighs, breathing slowly on his scrotum, tantalizing his penis as I glide, slide, and suck with my tongue, licking, kissing, and moaning, as I go back and forth to his inner thighs and up to his chest.   Ooh…I almost cannot resist just taking him.

He tries to get up to take me.  I resist by whispering, “Oh not quite yet, you are still mad, remember” pushing him back with force and whispering, “You want me baby” as I take off my shorts.  There is nothing like feeling him raw on my clit, which is now palpitating.  My juices are running as I run my clit up and down his hard maleness.  I take his maleness and enjoy it like a candy cane, using the motion of a downward semi-circle cycle, while my tongue tease along the vein and circle his tip when I come up again. When I let him hit the back of my throat he gets a vibration as I hum and moan expressing my pleasure.  He let’s out a deep moan.

With the condom in my mouth I slowly cover him, while applying firm oral pressure until I get to the base.  Careful not to take him there too fast, I straddle him with my wetness and slowly allow him entrance while creating walls of resistance for added tension.  He is moaning and touching me.  He begins to gyrate.

I stop, but lean over him as I use my walls for variations of internal reflexes, pressure, pushing and squeezing, while saying in his ear, “Say you like it”.  He says nothing.  I squeeze him and his chest a little harder, whispering, “Say you like it. I need to hear you say it”.  He says it.  I tell him I didn’t hear it.  He says it again.

I start to rock him in a slow groove.  Looking at him, slyly smiling as my skin glistens with sweat by candlelight.  I keep the grove, but turn, holding him steady while still on top, now my back to him still rocking.  I’m gliding and squeezing in a slow, yet strong rhythm. I want to flip his penis on my pelvis, but I resist, and move to another position again.

The rhythm, the tightness, and our breathing are one.  We’ve lost control being in the zone.  He grabs me tight and hard.  I love it.  I have a small orgasm, but we don’t stop. Rolling around on the bed, with me still working his penis, he flips me over. As he flips me over to finally take me, I lift up to align my pelvis with his, and with just the right slight twist his penis hits my pelvis! He comes! Hard! Fast! The vibrations of his pounding orgasm, hits the back of my walls and I begin to come again.  He is laying on top of me now, and I can feel his heart pounding.  I come again, this time shuddering uncontrollably.  He holds me tight………

After 20 minutes of a nighttime nap, he lays behind me and holds me in his arms until the alarm tells us we are in a new day. 

About dontdestroyrelationship

I am passionate about Relationships. To be in a Relationship you need skills. Some of the best skills to have are: a creative perspective, strategy in developing a win-win for both sides, be able to speak and receive honest communication, stay persistent, yet calm in conflict, some negotiation skills, and humor. These skills and more you need--- without emotion. If you have logic as the primary and emotion as secondary, there is nothing you cannot overcome in a relationship. I tell you how you bring destroyers into your relationship. Join me! It is a fascinating and revealing journey.
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  1. psichomofo says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, Anger Sex. I can Vouch For this and anger huggs as well.

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