I Can Change? Not Good Enough!

How many times have you heard the phrase, “I can change”?

When you hear those words, understand the implications. “I can” does not necessarily mean “I will”.

In most cases, we encourage people to believe and say positive things, like the words, “I can”.  Those words are encouraging, which is a convincing, and determinate way of looking at what is possible. They are the gate way to a world of unlimited.

Still, “I can” does not mean “I will”.  The possibility of a change is totally different from a change that is happening now.

So in the context of “I can change”………..

“I can change” is a positive combo, but together are very limited. Meaning, usually, the person that says, “I can change” may do so for a few weeks and turn back to the same old way of being, and the same old way of doing.

When change is an absolute necessity, the small possibility of an absolute (like just saying the words, “I can”) is not resolute enough.

The words, “I will change” is more absolute, and said with conviction, resolution, intent of action, and much more powerful.  Usually, that combination, with a singleness of your entire being, (heart, mind, soul, spirit) makes it a done deal.

The change is then in motion.

There is power in the words we say. You doubt it?  Test it. Always talk negative and watch every thing that is negative, come straight your way.  Always talk positive, and watch all things work in your favor.  We speak most things into existence.

Do not see change as a pain.  View it as a way to see many different perspectives in which to live differently, and much more productively, or more healthy and last, but not least lovingly.

Let’s say your doctor said you cannot eat chicken any more. It is a natural reaction to resist/disobey a mandate. That is the beginning of temptation. Which is why temptation is so powerful. Take away the mandate— you remove the power of temptation.

Okay, can you eat fish? Yes? Allow your mind to explore and create 100 ways to make fish delicious.  There are many, many types of fish that can give you different textures and flavors that chicken is limited in providing.

Gather and control your mind.  The mind is your power base, initiator, the controller and executor of everything you want to do.  Use it to view change in various and exciting perspectives.  Every change brings something new and different to your life’s experience.  Do not fight it.  Embrace it!

Change is the path to growth.  Cannot change? Cannot grow.

Change is not difficult. It just takes a made up mind. And doing that is not hard when you rationalize why change is a necessity for you.  Set the mind. Do not change because someone is asking you to do it.  It must be a change you want. Think of the reasons why the change is good for you.  Envision the results and consider if those are the results you see yourself living with.  If you are good with that, then make the first step. Just one. The next day make the next step. You are building a staircase day by day to the change you are creating. You will find that implementing the effort to change is actually changing you!

During this process, note your progress. Celebrate it. Take note of your reactions when something would normally gnaw on your nerve.  You will feel the change. You will notice the folk and things you thought were valuable just may be slightly devalued depending on where you are in your mind, and heart!

Find your power in the “I will change” versus “I can change”.

About dontdestroyrelationship

I am passionate about Relationships. To be in a Relationship you need skills. Some of the best skills to have are: a creative perspective, strategy in developing a win-win for both sides, be able to speak and receive honest communication, stay persistent, yet calm in conflict, some negotiation skills, and humor. These skills and more you need--- without emotion. If you have logic as the primary and emotion as secondary, there is nothing you cannot overcome in a relationship. I tell you how you bring destroyers into your relationship. Join me! It is a fascinating and revealing journey.
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