You Need a Fire! (Part 2)

The touch. There is nothing like it.  It speaks volumes to what is in your heart and what is on your mind.

“Every human being needs to touch and be touched. Each of us have thoughts and feelings so deep and personal that words will simply not bear their weight.”

Ever been in a conversation with an attractive person, and during the conversation s/he touches you?  You can tell by the touch, even though the words have not been spoken, but clearly, “I like you” is the message?  It is all in the touch.

Women: There is nothing sexier than a hot gent talking to you at the club, he whispers in your ear, with his lips barely touching your neck.  Or he lightly brushes you while switching sides as he talks to you.  Even if he stands very close without a single touch, he is touching you with the heat he has for you.  The vibrational touch is difficult to resist.

Men:  A beautiful lady sits next to you, at a bar, and finds a way to make conversation. During the conversation, she faces you, and is fully engaged in what you are saying.  She is looking you in the eye, smiling and reaches out to touch you on the knee or your arm.  She gets up for the ladies’ room, asks you to watch her chair, and as she passes you, her breast barely touches your shoulder! It is all in the touch.

Do not keep your hands to yourself!  Touch and grab your partner however, and whenever you can!

There is nothing like being in bed with your man, and while you are on your side he cuddles up behind you.  (Close your eyes and feel his manliness— everything about him that makes him a man.)  As his protruding pipe becomes harder, allow yourself to sink into his maleness.  The penis is one of the most fantastic, and superbly magnificent organs that comes with being a man!  It is pure art.

There are all kinds of touch.

One of my favorites is standing in a long line with your Baby behind you, rubbing up against you… and brushes a kiss on the back of your neck, or traces your ear with his tongue.  If you have a skirt on, he reaches under your skirt and touches you in all your private places in public.

The touch is a fire starter!

Men: How you are you able to unsnap a bra in 2 seconds with one hand, but it takes us 20 seconds, with 2 hands, to put one on?  Wow!  “I love a man with a slow hand…I want a lover with an easy touch..”

Women: There is nothing like a zipper that takes one smooth downward stroke and in 2 seconds you can feel his rough rider!

A hug.  A finger slowly lining your lips. A beautiful breast that slightly rubs you.  A brush with a magnificent dick. A warm, breathy whisper in a crowded place; you can feel the warm breath dance down your neck. A stand that is so sexy and so close. All of these things are irresistible touchables. Do not underestimate the power of touch.

You can also welcome a touch.  “Hey I have something in my back pocket; take it out for me”  (your jeans are just right) or while she is bending over in the right fitting pants. Some of those bend-overs are asking to be touched! Finger it— like you are about to taste whip cream. Then lick your finger.

There is the car action.  Touch him as he drives. Man! If you cannot work that blouse and her left nipple— you had better learn!  This can happen at a red light, and in between the light.  Just take the go light and roll with it!

You can touch with your eyes.  Look your partner in the eye, and slowly take him/her in.  Look as if you are actually kissing them, allowing your eyes to move as if you are removing their clothes. Take… your… time. If you work your eyes slowly, and hungrily, you are making your partner feel your touch.  Now step up and look them in the eye and grab their hand.  Go ahead and work it!

The touch is an electrifying, sexy, talking, yet wordless, inviting, alluring, and engaging intimate interchange. There are so many options of touch to use in so many ways.

Touch everyday!

About dontdestroyrelationship

I am passionate about Relationships. To be in a Relationship you need skills. Some of the best skills to have are: a creative perspective, strategy in developing a win-win for both sides, be able to speak and receive honest communication, stay persistent, yet calm in conflict, some negotiation skills, and humor. These skills and more you need--- without emotion. If you have logic as the primary and emotion as secondary, there is nothing you cannot overcome in a relationship. I tell you how you bring destroyers into your relationship. Join me! It is a fascinating and revealing journey.
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