Release Your Sexual Inhibitions!

Release Your Sexual Inhibitions2

Being sexually inhibited is a sexual destroyer.

You are inhibited when you rely on your partner to bring the pleasure to you. Yes, inhibited when you have unfulfilled sexual desires. You are inhibited when you want to do a different position, but you stay in the missionary position.  You are inhibited when you allow childhood directives to rule your adult life, when it comes to sex.

You are sexually destroyed when you are inhibited. You are boring and dull.

Inhibitions, simply put, are sexual parameters, holding you hostage (without a gun) by unspoken words like, can’t, won’t, and don’t.  In order to sexually live, you must release yourself.  Free your mind, and take the sexual leap by doing what comes to your mind.

You are in control of what you can do.  No need to hold back what you yearn for so deeply within.  The only thing that is holding you back is pure unadulterated fear.   If you tell me you have great discipline, I say, that is a crock and you know it!  You are afraid!  Punked by fear!

Get in that bedroom with your partner and give him/her the ride of their life.  Do it tonight!

Imagine this….

“Allow each touch to electrify your skin and your body. Allow yourself to surrender to the kiss. Feel the aggression.  Respond without thinking.   Release.  Receive every touch and respond with every touch. Let the moan slip out and feel its vibration as it simmers in your chest. Allow the breath of that moan, to move up to your throat and let it rumble, feeling its heat….while engaging in a deep long kiss. Grab your partner in every place you can, each grab sends back the passion you feel.

Groove your body to the song. If there is no music…hum and moan…groove your bodies.   Move and gyrate, slowly, and lightly at first.  Kiss each other, while moaning and share in the moan you both are providing.  This just may create the zone— the oneness that is so necessary to take you both to a higher sexual place you have not shared in this way before.

Allow him to gently bite, do not give instructions.  Do not say the word, “no” tonight.  No, not tonight. You are directing him with your sensual grabs, slow breathing, moans and movements.

All you have is here.  Now.  This moment.  There is no tomorrow. No yesterday. There is nothing else between both of you in this place and time.  Just you and her.  Just him and you.

Roll over and take the top. Pause to feel the ridge of his hard maleness.  It is okay to say…oooo…you actually cannot help yourself.  You have 100% pure male in your bed.  He is yours for the taking.  He wants you to take him.  The penetration.  The hardness.  Allow your mind to work and do what it says.  It will guide you, because you have no other time to do this but now.  Look him in the eye, while slowly grinning, letting him know that he is your world. Ravish him. He is a man. Treat him like one.  Grab his chest.  Squeeze him.

Feel the moan in your chest while holding him because you are grabbing him so hard and so close, your nipples are lost in between.

Take her.  Deep.  Starting slowly, enjoying her vaginal path’s layers. Take your cadillac and feel each of her bumpers Baby!  Drive in deep, but not too fast.   Feel her walls moisten and tighten as you look at her.  Take it out.  Tease her.  Run your dick along her thigh.  You are wet from her wanting you.

Girl, take his dick in your mouth and taste you. You should taste spicy or sweet. Either way enjoy how you taste as he enjoys you!

Take her with a deep kiss. You are tonguing her so deeply, your tongue is inside of her hitting the insides of her back.

Allow her to bite your chest.  You are teasing her now.  Feel her tongue tip as it circles your nipples.  Tell her you like it.  If she is not looking at you, grab her hair with both of your hands and tell her, “Look at me….!”  Now, take her again, and this time go deep, slowly, but keep going deeper.  Then hold it….right there.  She is squeezing and tightening harder now.  She wants the grind and so do you.  Her hips are moving and she doesn’t even know it. This feels way too good.  You both want this passion to hold steady and not rock it yet.

Without missing a beat, move back without her losing your dick.  Pick her up.  Her legs are around your waist.  She is blown away from your strength in just taking her.  She wants you to take her. Back her against a wall.  Hit it.  Hard.  Do not come.  Hit it again.  Kiss her.  She is so wet it is running down your legs now.  Take her back to the bed.

Tell him “Baby, oh!”  Tell her, “Oh yea, I got you.  I’ve wanted to get you in this zone with me for a while now.  Ride with me.”  Rock her.  Hold that penetration, control that dick, and make it jump, slightly while she is begging for you!  Enjoy her cries, but control your mind, feel where you are inside of her. You feel that?  Her wetness.  You are driving her crazy.  She is slapping you lightly— let her.

Girl, move up to him.  You want him to take you, but you are so enjoying him.  Yell if you must.  Turn him over.  Take him.  You hard rock him.  Fast, furious, don’t you come.  He has to finish this…. at least tonight he does.

Turn her over.  Take her in the back.  That pussy is all yours.  You can hit it from the front and the back.  She is sweating.  Lick her.  Bite her.

Flip her over and go hard.  Pump it.  Harder…. feel her pulsating… hit it.  Rock it.  Do not hit it so hard you are numb to feeling her taking you.  You are both in the zone and are carried away with the deliciousness both of you feel and taste tonight. Say whatever comes to your mind.  You let go.  Whatever you feel, say it now.  You can’t say it later.  You won’t say it later.  Whisper in your breathy voice the first thing that comes to your mind.

You are feeling it rising… the orgasm is coming.  Let out that sexy cry.  Hit it. Faster… here it comes… hold it… right there.  Do not tighten the muscles. Let that orgasm ride you like a wave. Surrender in that moment and let it last.  She is palpitating and feeling your cum. She is trembling from her orgasm. Hold her.

Both of you share in the moment of the ride of ecstasy coming to a slow end.”

A time and space you will never have again.  An experience you will enjoy in your mind for days to come.”

Release those inhibitions and take the ride of ecstasy you so well deserve and need!

About dontdestroyrelationship

I am passionate about Relationships. To be in a Relationship you need skills. Some of the best skills to have are: a creative perspective, strategy in developing a win-win for both sides, be able to speak and receive honest communication, stay persistent, yet calm in conflict, some negotiation skills, and humor. These skills and more you need--- without emotion. If you have logic as the primary and emotion as secondary, there is nothing you cannot overcome in a relationship. I tell you how you bring destroyers into your relationship. Join me! It is a fascinating and revealing journey.
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5 Responses to Release Your Sexual Inhibitions!

  1. David4.0 says:

    I like this…2 thumbs up!

  2. Michael Jackson says:

    Girl! That’s what I’m talking about.

  3. James says:

    I really appreciate your level of honesty and insight on physical, emotional and mental love making. I wish my wife and I could have such a fulfilling love life but she has decided not to have sex anymore. I am still in love with her but I’m not a robot i have wants and needs too. Again thank you. Broken Heart of a man.

    • Hello My Friend. I feel your pain. Not sure why the Wife has decided not to have sex anymore. That’s a proclamation anyone who is a sexual being cannot process and internally accept with willingness. Your cry for having wants and needs is just as important as her need to denounce sex. Although, her decision, it is a selfish one if you both have not made an agreement. Don’t be broken hearted. Get to the bottom of it. Why? Do you know? If not, don’t you think it is time you do? If you have any idea of her decision and why; and should it have anything to do with you regarding deficiency. Get it fixed and fast! If it has to do with you cheating. Then only you can fix that. If it is not a doctor’s recommendation then I see no reason why her proclamation cannot be reversed. Fix this my Friend! I wish you sexual happiness!

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